The Amazing Shaye Saint John

Shaye Saint John burst on to the YouTube scene in 2006, with quick, typically 3-5 minute, operates of absurdly lovely bizarreness which accomplished equally epic horror standing as very well as absolute original comedic genius. Shaye garnered a somewhat massive next, most very likely of which not figuring out what in the hell to assume of her, or him, or it. A DVD was designed and put out by Indican Shots in 2004. Apparently some festivals and curators had proven the do the job, but as standard, most experimental curators where asleep at the wheel acquiring blindly handed up the wonderful perform of Shaye Saint John.

The character of Shaye consisted of other worldly, almost alien like features talkng in an odd extraterrestrial like voice and wanting like a little something in between a crippled many amputee victim and a seriously botched plastic surgical procedure patient (a tough backstory had distribute of Shaye remaining an ex product in a terrible automobile wreck left poorly disfigured). Shaye rolled with her whichever affliction and poised as some form of starlet with entrepreneurial ventures these kinds of as skin tape periods and drip fall diet programs. Her epic catch phrases (“gawd! gams! twenty 4 7!”) were delivered in a way that was all Shaye a language of her individual, current in a earth of her personal with her occasionally sidekick Kiki and (imaginary?) pals that she bantered with on the cell phone.

It appeared the Shaye action was taking spot in Los Angeles as indicated by early road performances of Shaye staying wheeled all around in a wheelchair having photographs taken with travelers in Hollywood. The L.A. scene was fitting, but definitely it could have been everywhere, Usa, as we see the truth wannabee star transgressions exist region-broad the allure of earning it, dieting down to look like the superstars and in the end getting that star or starlet in some style. All an ingrained American aspiration that attracts attract from each and every crevice of the country.

A legend in her individual brain Shaye appeared to be. But the Shaye legend was cemented good electronically and globally through the digital landscape, as evidenced not only by the on the internet sights, but the strong reactions, utter confusions, and significant accolades garnered Shaye was certainly, the real offer.

In reality the genuine deal was Eric Fournier. He was the creator of Shaye Saint John. It can be unclear of the correct particulars was he the a single at the rear of the bizarro mannequin mask? Was he the sped up other worldly voice? Since it seems many of the Shaye parts have a “relocating digital camera”, probably Eric was powering the lens, directing all of the motion and giving dialogue. We only know of Eric from the “directorial” credit history he did leave on the DVD. It was assumed that he played Shaye, but never ever confirmed to my understanding.

Regrettably, Eric died early this 12 months in late February. There are some old producer credits on his IMBD web site, and some notoriety attached to him from being in a known punk band during the 80’s known as The Blood Farmers. Other than that, tiny has surfaced as of this crafting and as of this writers online looking.

YouTube accounts you should not routinely die when the bodily system ceases procedure, so Shaye continues to live on in the electronic landscape, garnering far more and more sights daily. On the Shaye YouTube profile website page the opinions do report and identify that Shaye (Eric) has handed. Lots of of the remarks from hate to praise all present what a robust and efficient absurdist drive we have misplaced.