SWOT Analysis of the New Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle

SWOT Analysis of the New Honda Fuel Cell Vehicle

Honda is changing the motor vehicle market as we know it, by creating a car that emits h2o vapor. Honda’s FCX Clarity fuel cell automobile is the new breed for green automobiles. This motor vehicle has some similarities to hybrid, but practically nothing compares to its new gasoline supply hydrogen. In addition to hydrogen it operates with an electric powered motor that generates electrical power to the gasoline stack and a lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery serves as a supplemental power source. The lithium ion battery rates up even though braking and decelerating. Some queries may possibly crop up when contemplating about this new gasoline mobile auto, like what will make this car or truck superior than the other hybrid cars? What are the Honda FCX Clarity strengths, weaknesses, prospects and threats?

One particular of the largest strengths about this new gas cell vehicle is that it emits water vapor and is designated as a Zero emission auto (ZEV). The environmental protection agency (EPA) has offered this car or truck the lowest possible emission ranking. It also can be driven up to 280 miles right before getting refueled with hydrogen. FCX Clarity is achieves an energy effectiveness of 55% which is twice the vitality performance of the hybrid cars and 3 instances the performance of standard fuel vehicles. Since FCX Clarity is much more strength economical it has been one of the initial fuel cell motor vehicles to get certification from the EPA and the California Air Resources Board. Compared with the hybrids the FCX Clarity isn’t going to will need to be plugged in to be billed up and there is no need to have for frequent fuel.

Honda has several possibilities with this new gas mobile automobile. 1st off Honda is creating a house refueling station. No a lot more worrying about likely out and receiving refueled at the pump. Household refueling stations will elevate the stress at the pump. Also, Honda could make this gas cell auto a house identify and industry this car all over the world. Honda just demands to get out there to exhibit off their new car. Honda is starting off to market the new fuel mobile a very little little bit. Honda has just produced the FCX Clarity for Japan.

A person of the couple of weaknesses for this gas cell vehicle is its minimal availability in the United States. Southern California and Japan are the only two parts where by this new car is offered. Honda ideas to launch around 200 vehicles in 3 years in California and Japan. Honda believes that this new gas mobile automobile will be able to be mass manufactured by 2018. I imagine this is one particular Hondas biggest downfall is the limited release and so number of refueling stations.

This auto is a little little it is only able to have four persons. The cost of the FCX Clarity is about 600 a month on a 3 year lease. It looks a minimal steep for somebody who is middle course to afford to pay for that payment. Not any person is California will be equipped to lease this new motor vehicle. These individuals who are picked reside around the refueling stations and they make a confined sum of commutes.

Essentially Toyota and GM cars are Hondas most significant danger. With so lots of new hybrids and tiny fuel effective automobiles, this results in a trouble for Honda. A different threat is Chevrolet. Chevrolet has formulated a gasoline mobile SUV “the Equinox” and it has presently arrived at New York City, Washington D.C. and Southern California. With this currently being stated, it gets a race in between Honda and Chevrolet with the new fuel mobile technology. How would the new fuel cell FCX Clarity measurement up in reputation? The lack of mass creation and refueling stations, Honda won’t have a opportunity.

I feel Honda has arrive up with a great strategy motor vehicle with its new gasoline resource. The new gas supply wants to be researched even more prior to they need to market this car or truck. This vehicle is for individuals who are willing to go eco-friendly and have the funds to do it. The full trouble is building this motor vehicle accessible to the public and quickly available.

On the other hand Honda has a comparative edge for the reason that of their residence refueling station. There is no other auto out there that you can just plug in and refuel at house. Hybrid motor vehicles rely on battery and gasoline to run. You have to plug the hybrid in to recharge the battery.