Mercedes-Benz Innovative 4MATIC Commercial

Mercedes-Benz Innovative 4MATIC Commercial

Mercedes-Benz has recently started advertising its state-of-the-art all-wheel-drive system 4MATIC using a not so common TV commercial. The unique TV commercial showcased entertaining demonstration of Mercedes-Benz all wheel drive expertise. The commercial was developed in cooperation with Jung von Matt, the brand’s new lead agency. The ad was cleverly crafted and makes use of skillfully coordinated combination of synchronized movements and words acted out by four talented actors that demonstrates the perfect interaction of Mercedes-Benz all-wheel-drive. The artistic succession and flow of words and motion defines the advantages of the 4MATIC all-wheel drive technology in clear-cut and appealing manner.

According to Dr. Olaf Gottgens, Vice-President Brand Communications Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, “The Mercedes-Benz brand has a century of expertise in the development and production of all-wheel drive vehicles. The commercial ‘The 4MATICs’ underlines the claim to leadership which we have in this area. The advantages of 4MATIC reinforce the Mercedes-Benz typical characteristics such as driving quality and safety. In the first TV commercial of the cooperation with Jung von Matt, we present these advantages in an unusual way.”

Mercedes-Benz 30-second commercial was directed by a movie director, Sebastian Schipper who is famous for its German films Gigantics and A Friend of Mine. The TV ad will also feature a brief reminder just to reinforce the commercial. The TV ad plays an important part of the promotional activities for the 4MATIC technology. The commercial will be aired starting this weekend nationwide both on public and private TV channels in Germany. For its internet promotion, a banner campaign will serve as its online ad.

Mercedes-Benz is the carmaker that offers the world with the widest range of premium all-wheel drive vehicles, and that includes the numerous variants of the 4MATIC which is offered in a total of seven model series. It has been a long tradition at Mercedes-Benz to develop and produce all-wheel drive vehicles.

Mercedes History Tidbits

Mercedes-Benz was then known as Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft and was famous for building the four-wheel drive Dernburg Car. At present the new 4MATIC generation provides the customers of Mercedes-Benz with a one-of-a-kind system that helps them to easily master critical situations especially when faced with extreme road conditions such as driving along icy, snowy, slippery cobblestones or wet surfaces which makes it difficult to control vehicles.

The 4MATIC maintains the high level of driving quality that is typical to Mercedes-Benz. It also boosts traction plus with the interaction of the ESP® helps motorist to overcome all types of weather conditions. The compact and lightweight construction, the 4MATIC offers various advantages in terms of weight, comfort, consumption, and safety. Also part of Mercedes-Benz long tradition for quality is its array of auto parts such as its Mercedes alternators which are known for their durability and quality. The very same characteristics that make them the “Mercedes” that they are.

The Mercedes Benz alternator is a vital component of Mercedes vehicles since they keep the engine battery charged. It supplies the needed electricity to run the various Mercedes-Benz car accessories and keeps the vehicle in good running condition.