Cu Bicicleta


I’ll tell you a bicycle adventure. I was very sick after a car accident, I could go about 200 yards a day and started to like to ride on the bike because it gave me freedom of movement and so I felt like it still lives. One day after lunch I had the idea to go cycling in a long race, more precisely I thought of a 150-kilometer round trip to Namaiesti. There I have relatives and I thought I would overnight there. I left at 16 o’clock and something with a heart as a flea knowing that it will catch me at night until I reach the destination. I did not take to me neither the keys nor the pump, nothing to help me in case of trouble, I put a pair of sunglasses on my eyes so that I do not get bumped in my eyes and a water bucket on the trunk, in my pocket I had money for a round trip with the hitchhiker to Namaiesti. I went courageously to my I tested the limits of effort resistance. While pedaling I was thinking that if the bike is broken I will give it to a child It was fun and I was having fun thinking about what girls my relatives would do to see me at night when I arrived by bicycle. I still pedal in the vicinity of Micesti locality I started a flood of rain I frightened and wanted to shout at a house to receive me. My mourner was that it did not take long and stopped the rain. I was so glad that we were catching wings, we were pedaling vigorously. until I began to shake my body, I felt I no longer had the energy. I took a break at a fountain to drink the water and fill my cane again because I was golisem. I then went until I reached the belt of Campulung
, as I walked into the belt I was starting to feel sick to feel like I die. I saw a man at a gate and asked 2 grapes of the vine. He gave him two grapes (to give the Lord the health) and I ate quickly and I started to come back from the river I had: I walked on and back again and I stopped at a shop to buy 2 bananas. I took two bananas and I ate them I started to feel better. I went on and went and I realized that I lost the glasses where I ate the bananas. I decided not to come back after them and I continued on the road. Before I left the city, Campulung had overnight: I started getting harder and harder, I felt a bit down on the bike but I had the ambition to get to Namaiesti. The dogs were barking and I was afraid of biting one of them because I had nothing to defend. Late at 23 o’clock and somewhere I reached Costita at the Binder Combinate and I remember that suddenly I was glad because I was about 300 meters. saw relatives at that time, and with the bike they were scared very hard, they looked at me like a madman and I was rash. They gave me the table to eat and the water to drink, I did not smoke and did not drink alcohol in that When I ate I set up a bed and I slept telling them to wake me at 5 o’clock in the morning to go that it is cooler. At that time it was unbearable heat so I had to go in the morning: I slept in the shower and woke me up at 5, washed my face and went back home after I said goodbye to them. I was rested so I had the craving for pedaling, I was really lying down, I arrived very quickly, I arrived at Pitesti in about 4 hours, I stopped at a store on right to eat 2 horns. I went home from here, I was home for 1 hour and so. I did not feel bad tired, I was really lonely, I calculated I did not come back 5 hours and a half, 1 hour and a half less as I went. In conclusion I want to tell you that I do not know what I was doing on this road now, it was an ambition to fight life I think, I know that I was very happy after this road that I had and the peripetes that I do not even talk about here. I wish everyone you feel that you are at the end of your powers to have the power to fight life and to get glad you’re better.