BMW 5 Series E39 Light Problem

BMW 5 Series E39 Light Problem

If everyone owns a BMW 5 Sequence E39 model they might have this fault. A fault in the headlights tends to show up someplace inside of the product many years of 1998 and 1999. It appears to be a issue with the offside main beam headlight permanently remaining on whether or not you have the ignition on or off and the headlight change in the absolutely off placement.

When this fault transpired to me, I had the lights on for a brief while and when I pulled up and went to switch the lights off once again I observed the principal beam just would not go off. I went into the house wherever I had to go and do a occupation, but when I returned to the auto about 10 minutes later the battery was presently flat. Following calling the breakdown assistance out, the man restarted the automobile and right after considerably tutting just mentioned “yeah perfectly its a BM mate it could be everything but its possibly just a relay or some thing that’s caught on”. As a rapid measure I took the bulb out to get me house and mulled above the puzzle all night time.

The following morning I decided it experienced to be a relay that was at fault so I hunted about the car searching for relays for the lights. I checked the handbook for the spot of it. I took panels off here and there,I removed actually each and every fuse and relay I could uncover, pulled them all out and set them back again in again. And guess what the light-weight would however not go off. So I began hunting on the net for answers. I visited most of the BMW boards I could discover and observed a number of entrepreneurs that appeared to have the same problem. Some of the solutions that came back again had been really similar, some persons mentioned it had to be a relay, someone suggested getting rid of the battery for 10 minutes, then reconnecting it once again and it ought to all reset itself again and every little thing must be Okay. I experimented with the battery notion but that did not operate possibly. So over the up coming 7 days or so I went back to the net once more and eventually anyone mentioned they had experimented with these items and then inevitably gave up and took their auto to a BMW dealer.Following parting with a wad of funds to spend BMW for their providers, BMW explained there are no relays to control the lights and the lights are all controlled by the “LCM”.

Now the “LCM” is the light-weight regulate module that controls all the lights. If this LCM fails you just have to change it. Straightforward! Aside from the LCM is only a BMW principal supplier aspect, and the price tag, above £200. At that time £200 was not quite an solution for my pocket, so I drove about the following couple of months with the bulb even now disconnected. Then MOT working day started off to loom and there was however no pocket money to obtain the LCM. So I rang my cousin in desperation to talk to if he had any tips of how to get the car or truck by the MOT?

He reported to me “why don’t you lower the good wire from the offending gentle, then run a new wire from the other light that is functioning to it so they each run off the very same supply. What a great concept! So I did specifically what he advised. The vehicle sailed through the MOT and yet another further 6 months down the line it is still doing the job to this day. Which is just as effectively mainly because the £200 is however not there.