Audi A8 Quattro Car Review

If there is any criticism that could find its way up Audi’s incredible sedans is the stiff-necked hard approach to mileage or in simple terms massive fuel guzzling. This worsens in the 4.2-litre V8 engine, but if you are an Audi fanatic and you want better fuel economy then the 3.0L engine wouldn’t be a bad consideration. If you think that is still too much, get a Raja bicycle and forget everything else.

On paper the Audi A8 looks very impressive but you’ll be amazed to find out its even better “in person.” It’s good for 343 horsepower and a driveshaft-twisting 590 lb.-ft of torque at just 1750 rpm, enough to send BMW 3-series packing. This sedan is capable of 37.2 mpg on the combined European cycle with CO2 emissions of 199g/kg and an acceleration of 0- 62 mph in 5.5 seconds. What paper can’t communicate though is the harmonious drive quality with almost zero mechanical intrusion into the cabin. Under the bonnet is a lulling hush with the lack of feedback found in Mercedes S – Class, lifting this car to heights of super-luxury vehicles. This car is superb on fast motorway journeys, comfortable and engaging making long travels a notable experience.

What makes the Audi A8 sedan stand out is the interior quality which is very good, an innovative switchgear and muscular engine. When it comes to available options, there are three pre-set chassis tunes and a customizable one which is set according to the driver’s preferences. The pre-set driving modes include Comfort, Auto and Dynamic. In “Dynamic” mode, engine torque is divided unequally between the rear wheels effectively “pushing” the car around bends – It seems that BMW’s xDrive Technology has eventually found a worthy competitor. “Auto” mode is best for the average urban driving which involves much stop-and-go instances as it cuts low on fuel consumption while “Comfort” is ideal for rural driving though the steering is a bit slow.

The Drive Select system also changes the steering weight, throttle response, damper settings and the shift points on the 8-speed automatic transmission, with the effects best felt in Dynamic mode: firmer dampers, enhanced steering around corners and closer gear ratios. Standard on the Audi A8 is the sport differential, which offers both sport engagement as well as urban comfort.

Much weight has been added on the nose, making this car a bit uncomfortable about being thrown about. It is a high-end sedan priced at £63690 and the category of people going for it will not find much fun being thrown about either.